“Ik zal niet wachten tot ik dood ben om hem te achtervolgen.”

“I’ll not wait to die to haunt him.”

Maret Reutelingsperger
                                  "I will be raving about this book. 5 of 5 Stars."
Charlie Courtland - Bitsybling.blogspot.com

"I haven't read anything this moving or beautiful in longer than I can remember. Last night, I had to find a quiet corner of the house to re-read a couple of the paragraphs so I could take in the beauty of the way they are written."
Jenny Hilborne - author of 'Madness and Murder'

"There has not been an original ghost story for a long time. This is where I think Joel has broken the mold. His ghost story is totally original. It does not follow any of the old tried and true formulas but breaks new ground." Kevin Kirkpatrick - blogger

A seventy-five year old secret waits in a lovely old portrait studio, at the end of a street in New York City's Lower East Side.
It is a secret, that drove to madness, a renowned photographer, 'Papa' Menashe Reisman, and left him to waste and die in his own studio, but haunted by every photograph he tries to take. When his great-grand daughter, Shelly, begs to have the old building, for a new renovation, she awakens more than any secret that Papa kept. She also awakens something darker, more evil, just across the street.

Across the street, under the stoop, down a foul stair, where Caraliza was kept prisoner for two years; until the horrid events of that summer, in 1919.

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                                             Caraliza is portrayed by: Maret Reutelingsperger